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So, I went and had an eye exam today and will have my glasses probably this time next week. <--I totally went Buddy Holly this time; like they're even men's frames ('cause all the women's frames were making me nutty). 

I also had my hair cut for the first time in forever today, so I've had a full day.  <--It's cute and short and angled and jaunty. *jaunts*'s also a little itchy because my head and neck aren't used to the exposure yet.  Only me.

I've also been being quite the productive little squid.  I've dyed wool (first time ever!), tie-dyed shirts (and wounded myself in the process; I'm not kidding.), made a tunnel book and finished an altered book, been working on a corollary to my unnamed friends series whose working title is echo-spectre, and plied some art batting I purchased from Hello Purl with silk and stainless steel yarn from Habu Textiles.

Busy, busy squid.

I'm also still waiting to hear about this job I applied for; evidently, they often take for-fraking-ever.  *impotent tentacles of annoyance*

Okay.  I'm done.



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/Hackers-type Razor-and-Blade-structured idiom

So, like I need it, I have another blog to tend like a little garden patch.  More-than-likely, there will be cross-posted elements from my El-Jay, my studio blog, and my webcomic.

If I can figure out how to feed my Twitter in here too, I just might.

For now, I leave you with this week's ...quixotic or not 'cause I love you (all you non-existent Dreamwidth readers) so much.

The layout will get better eventually, I swear.

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